#4 How to save money when you have no money!

How to save money when you do not have money! Some hacks, tips and advice on making the most of the money you have!

How to save money when you have no money! These are tips that I use myself, plan to use and that my friends are already using!

How to save money on food as Uni Student (not recommended for those trying to lose weight or be healthy)  Have instant noodles for dinner or other instant foods or frozen meals. For those who find cooking two-minute noodles too hard, buying one take away meal a day and eating it over three meals ( or two if you skip breakfast). Save those discount food coupons on the backs of receipts or ask your friends for vouchers they don’t want. Also be the bold one that asks if anyone wants to take away the rest of the food, if no one else wants it, take it-it is basically free food for your next meal. Learn to cook yourself and meal plan! This is more healthy and also stops you from being tempted to eat out after a long day at work or Uni..

Do Volunteer at events… you don’t get paid.. but usually, some sort of food or free stuff is given! I got free Weetbix, banana and a pretty awesome shirt for volunteering once. ⁃ Help people out ( out of love), sometimes they might shout you, but don’t expect it though Also learn to grow your own vegetables and fruits, there are plenty of videos on Youtube that teach you to grow food from the groceries you buy ⁃ Grow your own meat!! Jokes.. but yeah chickens do lay eggs and goldfish die..

Save money on the non-essentials! Find free parks in the city no matter how far you have to walk! Its good exercise and saves $$$ and pressure from finding short parks nearby and decreases the risk of getting a parking ticket.

On the topic of exercise…If you like doing classes like Zumba then join a gym! It actually works out cheaper ( if you go regularly) and most gyms now offer 24/7 access to members. It is basically it is like a second house you can access anytime… My gym is conveniently located in the middle of the city and has showers, toilet, and a small kitchen area. So you can basically live there if u want! They also provide free breakfast.. if cereal is your thing… You can also fill your bottle and get free wifi!\  The gym is also a good place to practice dance moves because there are a lot of mirrors around  ..It is handy for checking yourself out if you don’t have a full-length mirror at home.

Bulk buy stuff and compare prices before buying stuff you know you will use! For example, toothbrushes, buy big bottles of conditioner and shampoo, toothpaste or contact solutions etc. If you have a Costco membership, or even better you piggyback someone else who is going there anyway and had membership.. buy heaps of things you know you will use eventually! If you don’t have a friend with Costco membership, before going groceries or shopping of any kind, gather all the latest catalogs and compare the prices of the stuff you need and write down where to get therefrom. ⁃

Always carry in your wallet cash, metro cards, plastic bags, student ID and loyalty cards! You don’t wanna be caught paying a surcharge for placed with a minimum on epftos. I tend to keep track of my money better when I see cash decrease in my wallet… more than in my bank account. It is always good to have your cards on you, in case you have memberships giving you discounts at particular shops and who wants to get caught out paying full price for a bus or movie tickets? Some places in Australia are charging for plastic bags when shopping, so unless you are really good at carrying 50 things with your hands to your car, bring reusable bags with you when shopping (or waste another 10 cents buying another one 😦 )

Don’t buy new stuff if you can help it.. i.e go online and see if people are selling used stuff you want online.. certain things don’t necessarily need to be new to be used.. i.e cars (better from a trusted dealer), books ( as long as they didn’t graffiti it) and I personally don’t mind good quality second-hand clothes! Always wash it before wear tho! Second-hand bags and furniture can also be a good buy.I wouldn’t buy used makeup, sanitary stuff, expired food or underwears tho .. or bedding. I will let you in on a secret, half my wardrobe are handed down to me from my older sister or bought from second- stores :O  It is not only good for the environment, but you get an awesome range of clothes!

Make use of the internet! Use apps or websites like Motor Mouth to find the cheapest places selling petrol around you. ⁃ If buying technology stuff and office works sell it, bring evidence of it being cheaper online and show them ( incl. shopping) and they will match it and even better give you 10% off on top! ⁃ Buy generics if it’s not something super important and risky. I bought a generic ink for my hp printer, works fine and is like half the price! I personally don’t use generics for my prescription medications, but if you aren’t picky like me, generics should work the same as the original.

Learn to DIY if possible! For example, learn to dye your own hair, cut your fringe or make your own clothes etc. This can help recycle things and think of new uses for things before tossing or donating them. For example, old t-shirts can be used as hair towels or be made into a pillow-case or a teddy bear etc.  Keep all your unused plastic bags and use them as rubbish bin liners instead of buying bin liners. Use cardboard boxes for storing stuff or as a small table…

Be stingy! Take cutlery and extra serviettes when eating out…I also take extra wasabi and ginger at sushi train (  I am bad asss) ⁃ Get as many free samples of stuff as u can! Not only do u get to try cool stuff… it saves u money on actually gettinm to try before u buy! ⁃ My friend told me this one.. apparently ASOS an online clothing store allows free returns of items at no cost before a certain period as long as the product is in good condition and price tag and everything is kept.. so what my friend did was buy a dress for her dental ball and then returned it the next day.. free of charge gg #lifehacks

⁃ Ask for free advice from shopkeepers and pharmacists...  It is free health and fashion advice! Say yes to free makeovers and perfume samples!!  Go to free expos, CPD training ( for health professionals) because there are free food and education!

Gaining some spare change: Recycle plastic bottles and get rewarded with 10 cents! If you got heaps of time… fill out surveys and stuff and win or get free stuff ⁃ Do paid experiments… I personally dont fo any medical ones.. coz I hate blood tests and risking my life.. but I take part in economic experiements, which are pretty fun and they reimburse you a small amount for your time in money!

Hacks that can save some money! Wait until “happy hour” or near closing time of a food court and go buy cheap food that is on sale (usually)! Go to grand openings and special events to get cheap or free food/stuff.  Become a foodblogger and get your food for freeeee! This happens when you are a bit more well-known in the industry, those food places value your honest feedback and it gives them free exposure and advertisement of their restaurant.  Remember to bring along your camera to take good photos of their food though! People eat with their eyes! *__*

Ask your friends for lifts carpool (helps save the environment and petrol $) make sure you return the favour too ⁃ See movies when its cheap tuesday! ⁃ If going overseas, dont buy tickets last minute.. buy early when there is a sale! This is not possible sometimes due to work commitments. Remember to utilise  what is free for all at workplaces, whether that is free coffee, milk or fruits! It is there for you to eat, so why not take some every day?

Get a rainwater tank and use it to water your plants! ⁃ Solar power is good too .. if u have money to invest ⁃ Health insurance is worth it..! Esp if you need glasses like me!! And i like to see a dentist every six months.. if u know the dentist, they might even bulk bill u! I.e no gap payment needed. ⁃ Prevention if health problems is better and less expensive than the cure.. i.e my ear and keloid ⁃ Look after yourstuff! Incase u need to sell it.. ⁃ Regift gifts that you will never use and that someone else might like! Only good quality and useful stuff ⁃ Share meals between friends

Grab free stuff from hotels, incl toiletries .. within reason ⁃ If it’s complimentary.. why not try free trials, but make sure you read the important parts of the terms and conditions and that you can easily unsubscribe at anytime.

Utilise the web: Do join Spotify families and net flix fams ⁃ Discount websites like Ozbargain,  Scoop on, Catch of the day, for a hotel .. booking.com.  Do research before buying something costly and do ask friends for their advice on where to find the cheapest of something!


I hope this helps you save a bit more money and stretches out your budget until payday!


I would love to hear of your own tips on saving money, as this list is not exhaustive, please leave a comment below!

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#3 Remember to look after yourself..no one else is going to

I think this is one of the hardest things to do while “adulting”… Looking after yourself…


Whether that’s physically, mentally, socially or spiritually…It’s almost the more “adult” you get the easier it is to focus less on yourself than other people ..AS parents age, they put more importance in making money for the family and they lose their hard-earned six-packs…so is this a case of a change of priority? Family is more important than their own health?

But what would your own kids want for you?If they knew that you let yourself go and didn’t look after yourself in your younger years, would they not rather you look after yourself a bit better?


Anyway, I am getting off-tracked by the “What ifs” because if a kid was able to say that at the not yet ripe age, they would have been pretty much been an adult already..

SO anyways by looking after yourself as an adult..would include many things as mentioned above.

it is hard to prioritise these topics as they all inter-relate and affect one another.

  1. Mental Health

    What is the point of having lots of money, a fantastic partner/lover, great job and family, fame or fortune .if inside you are slowly dying and ready to leave this world? often this aspect is forgotten and neglected because it can’t be seen from the outside like a physical illness or diagnosed by some CT or MRI scans… This is a very private and individual. We can look after our mental health by sleeping well. eating well, not taking on too much on our plates and taking time to relax each day and meditate!! If we are really feeling like we are slipping into depression or not being able to sleep due to anxiety, maybe it is time to see a doctor or psychologist to work on ways to have a healthier mental health.

2. Physical Health

If your physical health is poor, this can often lead to poor mental health and the opposite is true as well. For example, one who has migraines…a physical manifestation of stress induced anxiety due to high pressure at works. Their constant diarrhea and constipation cycling could be due to stress and anxiety..Often we go to the doctor’s when we get physical manifestation, but often the cause can be more of a mental one, when those mental stressors are gone or lessened, we find that we are at a much better physical health as well.

3. In addition to that it is important to make sure we are eating healthily and trying to minimise the amount we have of junk foods and over processed foods. It is better to try have as much raw and fresh food as possible…i.e. simple fresh  vegetables and fruits..i.e. instead of a fruity yogurt , which has the addition of processed sugars, but every now and then as a treat is fine! Try to choose the most healthiest option when eating out…because even though it might cost more, it is your health at stake if you choose the more fatty but cheaper option..Be smart with your money though! You shouldn’t hopefully be going out too often to eat if you have read the previous post.  it is not so much about cutting out foods, but choosing wiser and better choices instead! Soon you will find that you really do not crave those $2 KFC chips anymore…because you would rather have a sushi roll in which you not feel guilty for. These healthier choices can improve your skin, energy levels and hair! So why not choose healthy if you can? Sometimes eating healthy might mean you have to do your own groceries, so that you can have access to healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits (if your family is like mine and have a dad and brother who are in love with junk foods). Also, trying cooking with things like “Hello Fresh” helps you learn new skills and makes cooking funner and easier to pick up.

4.  Exercising to be Healthy

This is quite a big topic and hence i am giving its own paragraph … we also need to make sure we try exercise 3 to 4 times a week on average with 30 minutes a day. This doesn’t mean we have to hit the gym for all of those days.. it could mean walking around for half an hour on your lunch break or taking a stroll in your neighborhood and getting 10k of steps…or it could be playing a sport of your choice or doing some hip hop classes! as long as you are moving, that is all that matters! You will find by exercising that your endorphin levels rise and people with depression get improved mood, I can vouch for this myself. If you have a chance, get a pet that you can walk! I.e. Dog or a cat … dogs need to be walked daily, this helps get you out of the house and moving! Cleaning the house can also be counted as exercise! SO that kills birds with one stone!

Another benefit of exercise is that you can use this activity to make new friends or bond with existing friendships! What better way to keep in touch, than by exercising and encouraging one another to exercise and stay fit?

5. Spiritual Health

i know for some people they may not feel like this is an important, but I do feel like each person has some sort of belief that there is a greater God out there who created this earth. If you are a deep thinker like me, you can spend days, years contemplating life and get lost in the sea…I do not recommend this! But, it is good to accept that things are sometimes the way they are and turn out for the better, due to the planning of  God up there. It gives us peace in this world of unknown, I could be wrong, but what have I lost for believing that there is someone in charge and who is looking down at me ?

If anything it gives me comfort to my anxiety… When our spiritual health is good, it affects both my mental and physical health as well..as I said inter-related and when I reach out to people, I feel like I am investing in heavenly treasures and doing something positive for the world and to IMPACT this world I am in every way I can.


6. Social Health

This is going to be the last one , because I am tired and i don’t want to sleep too late:P
It is important to keep in touch with your friends! Not only for your sake, but also to make sure that they are okay. I am not telling you to contact your 1000 facebook friends everyday to make sure they are okay… But keeping close tabs on your closer circle friends. I feel like as I have grown older, my circle of friends has grown smaller. I mean you could see that as a bad thing, because maybe you aren’t getting as many likes on your instagram or Facebook posts as before, however, as I have grown older, I felt like these things were meaningless now. What I rather do is have personal conversations and share moments of my life directly with those who I care about and not just have randoms I don’t even speak to in real life like my photos…By deactivating my facebook and making a new one , I downsized my previously 700 friends to about 20 odd ones, the people I actually want to see what is happening in their lives and I want them to see mine.

Things become so impersonal, but when you are sick, when you are tired and need help, what is the point of having 700 superficial friends who don’t give a damn about you when you need help? They only like you when they need you…

I am seeing the importance of not only keeping tabs on family and making sure they are okay, but also those close and important friends around me…it doesn’t matter if we don’t physically get to see each other due to distance, but at least I want us to keep in contact even via skype of message. Yes, i am guilty of sometimes taking ages to reply, but I always do reply eventually.. because you are important to me and that is why I will do my best to keep it that way.

Concluding comments:

If you have stumbled across this blog, you are already one step ahead and a great friend of mine!


Follow on for more updates, I am going to try write at least one blog a week, if you have any suggestions for topics related to adulthood, feel free to leave a comment below.


Till next time Amigos!

#2 Being adult means you have to learn to say “No”!

Whether that is saying no to yourself, your boss, your family, your lover or to whatever/whoever..

It learning that you don’t ‘have’ to do as many things as you once thought…

“I’ll get my head chopped off if I went on a holiday!” Is what somebody said to me yesterday…this is for a volunteering role that a friend was doing… She is not even getting PAID a cent..and yet she is very committed to her job ..kudos for that!

She is probably more committed than those who have a job that they hate, yet get paid. Funny how it’s hard to win in both worlds..do a job you love but don’t get paid..or…do a job where you get paid but you hate it..

Such is life..but this blog was not made to complain…but to understand..as adults sometimes we have to say N -O even when it is hard, even when we want to say Y-E-S…but saying Y-E-S would not be in our best interests, or their best interests or the best interests for you both..


Saying yes to more work , when you are already at peak stress levels is a bad idea … but you feel guilty for saying yes I hear?  Don’t worry…been there …done that… and it does not usually end well..usually ends badly with someone having a nervous breakdown and it is ugly…

You don’t have time to relax, to breathe or to spend with your family or friends…you feel you have “no life” and you ask yourself is it really worth it after all?

Maybe or maybe not?

When your crying baby or child is asking you for a chocolate bar…or MacDonalds..does saying “NO” a good thing? Yes, because you are setting them up for a healthy life style ! Every now and then is fine…as a treat…but you can’t let them get their way every time… ! Otherwise they will manipulate you and cry every time at the supermarket.

T here are some friends that want to go out ALL the time…literally wasting money….if it was a catchup for a reason..yeah..but if it’s just that they want to eat after every time you play badminton or something…you can say “NO” otherwise money will drip from your wallet and leak on to the floor…literally …You get what I mean… Plan how many times you are able to go out a week and try to make them not so expensive places..!

It is okay to say…can we go somewhere cheaper? Especially if you are like me….A (soon to be) poor uni student again TT_TT.. hahaaaaa

I know when I was working I wasn’t very smart with money…always eating out and wasting money on expensive snacks…like dried mangoes… sooo unnecessary and expensive… It’s time to learn how to bulk buy and portion control and to look for those special and deals…to save money…because this is called “Smart Money using”

Budgeting tools also help as well to track your spending..I try to ask for a receipt everytime I buy something and then I record it later on my “Pocket Expense” App. This is a free app…I aint got money for paid apps T_T (anymore)  ..You can set monthly budgeting amounts for different items such as “eating out” or “petrol”…some is hard to control…like petrol..it fluctuates sadly.. (super expensive atm!) but things like eating out…you can try cut that down and see how much you actually spend on food! its a lot of money..!

I also record gym membership costs, mobile phone costs, car financing (just finished!) , health insurance and whatever costs i need for medications, appointments and etc..

It’s good to see where your money goes and see how you can save…!


It’s something that is worth doing if you aren’t good with money like me…!!  it can also be fun to find ways to save ..i.e. going to multiple pet stores to check out the costs of their turtle food ! it ranges from $5-$9 a block…its $4 each blog which lasts roughly two weeks..its money saved..if i wanted to save even MORE money..I should really give away or try sell my turtles.. but yes leave that for another day for a blog about smart “Owning a Pet”.


I think that’s all for today folks ! I’ll see you next time, have a good week till then!


Step one do not put pens near your printer paper

Hey Kids and Adults!

Welcome to my new blog! As you may already gather from the name of this blog..this blog is going to be primarily a (ongoing) coming of age blog. Adulting doesn’t just end when you are working, have a family or are over 30…But I think it’s something that is ongoing throughout life…as you get older, you acquire wisdom. I very much want to ask older people how they are able to cope with their changing lifestyles in term of health, limitations and the prospect of dying.. I don’t have the guts to do that…

But yeah…I guess depending on who you talk to will determine what kind of answers you may get. If you talk to an optimistic person who has lived their life doing good things. travelled the world and has many memorable memories… they may be content to leave this earth with little or no regrets…But if you talk to that scornful, arrogant, selfish and now lonely old person, they be full of regrets, hatred and wishful thinking..


I don’t know where I lie..but prob somewhere between them both…depending on the day..but I feel like I did live my life with somewhat no regrets…yes I made some reckless decisions and sometimes that has affected my relationships…but in a way that is me growing up and making my own decisions and I have to live with the consequences…Because the worse thing you want is…perhaps find the one person you might love…and feel trapped…trapped in that you cannot be yourself..


And hence there are both pros and cons of being either single or in a relationship and I am lucky enough to have experiences of both and discreetly like both.


I feel this is heading into the wrong direction…


anyway back to the moral of this post..
Being an adult sometimes trying to fix stupid things we did by accident. So this morning I had a heap of stuff on top of my printer, one which included a pen….As I was moving my stuff off the printer…my pen rolled into the printer via the paper chute…SHOOT i thought..how can i get it out..my hands couldn’t quite reach it // if what it pushed it deeper into my printer T_T my favourite pen! And also my printer is probably not going to work with a pen inside…

Anyways after 10 minutes of non-sucessful trying the same thing of using my hands.. I finally resigned and unplugged the printer and turned it upside down on the floor and shook it…hopefully didn’t break my printer//that didn’t work///but unplugging did allow me to actually see the pen better..and eventually with some shoving and weird awkward hand movements i finally managed to get the pen out…HALLELUJAH


This is adulthood/// trying to fix and solve problems you don’t learn in uni…:O