#3 Remember to look after yourself..no one else is going to

I think this is one of the hardest things to do while “adulting”… Looking after yourself…


Whether that’s physically, mentally, socially or spiritually…It’s almost the more “adult” you get the easier it is to focus less on yourself than other people ..AS parents age, they put more importance in making money for the family and they lose their hard-earned six-packs…so is this a case of a change of priority? Family is more important than their own health?

But what would your own kids want for you?If they knew that you let yourself go and didn’t look after yourself in your younger years, would they not rather you look after yourself a bit better?


Anyway, I am getting off-tracked by the “What ifs” because if a kid was able to say that at the not yet ripe age, they would have been pretty much been an adult already..

SO anyways by looking after yourself as an adult..would include many things as mentioned above.

it is hard to prioritise these topics as they all inter-relate and affect one another.

  1. Mental Health

    What is the point of having lots of money, a fantastic partner/lover, great job and family, fame or fortune .if inside you are slowly dying and ready to leave this world? often this aspect is forgotten and neglected because it can’t be seen from the outside like a physical illness or diagnosed by some CT or MRI scans… This is a very private and individual. We can look after our mental health by sleeping well. eating well, not taking on too much on our plates and taking time to relax each day and meditate!! If we are really feeling like we are slipping into depression or not being able to sleep due to anxiety, maybe it is time to see a doctor or psychologist to work on ways to have a healthier mental health.

2. Physical Health

If your physical health is poor, this can often lead to poor mental health and the opposite is true as well. For example, one who has migraines…a physical manifestation of stress induced anxiety due to high pressure at works. Their constant diarrhea and constipation cycling could be due to stress and anxiety..Often we go to the doctor’s when we get physical manifestation, but often the cause can be more of a mental one, when those mental stressors are gone or lessened, we find that we are at a much better physical health as well.

3. In addition to that it is important to make sure we are eating healthily and trying to minimise the amount we have of junk foods and over processed foods. It is better to try have as much raw and fresh food as possible…i.e. simple fresh  vegetables and fruits..i.e. instead of a fruity yogurt , which has the addition of processed sugars, but every now and then as a treat is fine! Try to choose the most healthiest option when eating out…because even though it might cost more, it is your health at stake if you choose the more fatty but cheaper option..Be smart with your money though! You shouldn’t hopefully be going out too often to eat if you have read the previous post.  it is not so much about cutting out foods, but choosing wiser and better choices instead! Soon you will find that you really do not crave those $2 KFC chips anymore…because you would rather have a sushi roll in which you not feel guilty for. These healthier choices can improve your skin, energy levels and hair! So why not choose healthy if you can? Sometimes eating healthy might mean you have to do your own groceries, so that you can have access to healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits (if your family is like mine and have a dad and brother who are in love with junk foods). Also, trying cooking with things like “Hello Fresh” helps you learn new skills and makes cooking funner and easier to pick up.

4.  Exercising to be Healthy

This is quite a big topic and hence i am giving its own paragraph … we also need to make sure we try exercise 3 to 4 times a week on average with 30 minutes a day. This doesn’t mean we have to hit the gym for all of those days.. it could mean walking around for half an hour on your lunch break or taking a stroll in your neighborhood and getting 10k of steps…or it could be playing a sport of your choice or doing some hip hop classes! as long as you are moving, that is all that matters! You will find by exercising that your endorphin levels rise and people with depression get improved mood, I can vouch for this myself. If you have a chance, get a pet that you can walk! I.e. Dog or a cat … dogs need to be walked daily, this helps get you out of the house and moving! Cleaning the house can also be counted as exercise! SO that kills birds with one stone!

Another benefit of exercise is that you can use this activity to make new friends or bond with existing friendships! What better way to keep in touch, than by exercising and encouraging one another to exercise and stay fit?

5. Spiritual Health

i know for some people they may not feel like this is an important, but I do feel like each person has some sort of belief that there is a greater God out there who created this earth. If you are a deep thinker like me, you can spend days, years contemplating life and get lost in the sea…I do not recommend this! But, it is good to accept that things are sometimes the way they are and turn out for the better, due to the planning of  God up there. It gives us peace in this world of unknown, I could be wrong, but what have I lost for believing that there is someone in charge and who is looking down at me ?

If anything it gives me comfort to my anxiety… When our spiritual health is good, it affects both my mental and physical health as well..as I said inter-related and when I reach out to people, I feel like I am investing in heavenly treasures and doing something positive for the world and to IMPACT this world I am in every way I can.


6. Social Health

This is going to be the last one , because I am tired and i don’t want to sleep too late:P
It is important to keep in touch with your friends! Not only for your sake, but also to make sure that they are okay. I am not telling you to contact your 1000 facebook friends everyday to make sure they are okay… But keeping close tabs on your closer circle friends. I feel like as I have grown older, my circle of friends has grown smaller. I mean you could see that as a bad thing, because maybe you aren’t getting as many likes on your instagram or Facebook posts as before, however, as I have grown older, I felt like these things were meaningless now. What I rather do is have personal conversations and share moments of my life directly with those who I care about and not just have randoms I don’t even speak to in real life like my photos…By deactivating my facebook and making a new one , I downsized my previously 700 friends to about 20 odd ones, the people I actually want to see what is happening in their lives and I want them to see mine.

Things become so impersonal, but when you are sick, when you are tired and need help, what is the point of having 700 superficial friends who don’t give a damn about you when you need help? They only like you when they need you…

I am seeing the importance of not only keeping tabs on family and making sure they are okay, but also those close and important friends around me…it doesn’t matter if we don’t physically get to see each other due to distance, but at least I want us to keep in contact even via skype of message. Yes, i am guilty of sometimes taking ages to reply, but I always do reply eventually.. because you are important to me and that is why I will do my best to keep it that way.

Concluding comments:

If you have stumbled across this blog, you are already one step ahead and a great friend of mine!


Follow on for more updates, I am going to try write at least one blog a week, if you have any suggestions for topics related to adulthood, feel free to leave a comment below.


Till next time Amigos!

Author: howtoadultwithjoy

Becoming an adult doesn’t come naturally to everyone, no one teaches you how to be one at school, and this is what my blog aims to do. Through random rants, diaries, hallelujah moments and so forth, we journey onto this sacred journey called ‘Adulthood’. Let’s do it with Joy. *please note this website is NOT x-rated adult porn site! Sorry if you thought it was!

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