On Ageing

For one minute there, I forgot how to spell Ageing..Was typing Aging… thank God for autocorrect!


The perception of age of a person is extremely subjective and only at extremes is it quite obvious the possible age of someone.

My simple observations of some ages include:

1. Literally a new born baby or up to a few months

2. Some kid between 2-8 I really can’t tell if someone is like 5,6,7 or 8

3. Teenagers these days in highschool..some look like fully grown adults and some still look like they should be in primary school. =?!?

4. in Uni/Senior highschool = No difference?

5. Graduated from University/early working: =? Same as 4?No idea?!

6. Working/married= same as 4,5, and 6.

7. Married for a long time and sick of working= middle aged, wrinkles, cranky and don’t party

8. OLD: 60-76 =Same look

9.76~100++? Very old and wise looking.


It’s so hard to tell.. for me I haven’t aged since I graduated highschool ten years ago #youth, #forever21