Do we choose sadness?

Do we get to choose what makes us happy and what makes us sad?

I mean, it is normal at times to feel happy and then at other times feel sad… but do we get a choice in the matter..?

Sometimes I wonder and worry whether i am too much of one or the other… but maybe I am just overthinking it too much… what is normal for me maybe abnormal got you… I guess we got to compare it to our baseline.. whatever that is..

So instead of trying to wish away some emotion… maybe just embrace it as wholeheartedly as I can… because feeling emotions… feeling something is better than feeling nothing isn’t it? If we felt nothing, would we really be considered a human being?

I guess there’s a time and place for everything.. where there happiness and joy.. then there will also be sadness and sorrow.. for if without the other.. how would we be able to tell them apart?