What to bring from Home

Let’s just say…I spent a WHOLE lot of money after moving into my own place in Melbourne… I understand you save money when you live with your parents…but yeah I had noooo idea how much.

Asides from having to pay rent and the rental bond…there are costs for Wifi connection…and boy to keep the place clean..you need appliances…so many appliances because I am lazy to do it by hand xD.

Then there is the numerous amount of cleaning products that are out there in the market… and don’t even get me started on the cooking stuff you need as well!!

As this is my first time moving out of home into an apartment that is only partially furnished…I was not ready I made the huge rookie mistake of filling half my car with toilet paper…I was sooo worried that Melbourne would have a toilet paper shortage…but they don’t lol. In hindsight, I regret not bringing more cooking utensils, plates, cups, etc from home. I am now having to spend so much money just on cheap things to get by…whereas I have plenty back at home I could have brought. So I made a list of top 10 most important things you should bring when moving out of home.

  1. Tea Towels. So sooo important… useful for drying hands, wiping up spills, drying plates..and as a temporary placemat.
  2. Coat Hangers. This one really burnss…if you remember I donated over 100 coat hangers when I did my Marie Kondo clean up..-.-‘. I can’t believe I had to actually go pay money for some coat hangers!! This is very rare for me.
  3. Rubber bands. We have an abundance of rubber bands at home…we have a special spot for them and they are so useful for tying up bags of food for storing. So it sucks that I had to resort to using my hair tyes as bands. LOL. I can’t bring myself to buy some rubber bands, when I know you can get it for free so easily!
  4. Bathtowels. I have so many bathtowels back home! Yet I only BROUGHT TWO SMALL ONES. I have to use two each time I shower..one for body and one for my hair and just my luck it’s winter here so the towels are still damp when I use it again. BRING MANY.
  5. Cultery. BRING LOTS. Don’t be like me and just bring one of each. Because, what happens if you haven’t washed one or need an extra for cooking? What if you can have guests over after Covid-19 lockdown is over?! It’s expensive and heartbreaking to buy some spoons or forks, when you have amples of them at home.
  6. Bring CROCKERY. I didn’t bring a single cup with me. What a dumb move. I have so many nice mugs I use for soup, coffee, and tea back in Adelaide. But because I was too lazy to wash them and bring them…I ended up buying a cup in Melbourne…I can’t remember the last time I bought one for myself because people always like to give me mugs as gifts…I think they maybe it’s because they know I am a caffeine and instant cup soup addict?
  7. Bring a small thermos for hot water, because I forgot and it sucks. I have it really good back at home in Adelaide… We have a large 2litre thermos dispenser thing and basically, it’s instant hot water at any time of the day. SO GOOD. If I want hot water now, I have to boil the kettle and sadly I have nowhere to put the water to keep it hot.
  8. Bring containers. This was a dumb dick move by me. I have bought COUNTLESS probably more than half of the reusable containers back at home and guess how many I brought with me to Melbourne? That’s right. NONE. Now I have to waste money and buy more here.. 😦
  9. Bring cooking utensils. I really regret this one…my mum asked me if I wanted to bring a small frypan and a pot..and I brushed her off and said I will just get it there…because my car was already really full of TOILET PAPER. I have so much toilet paper I can basically eat it. Now, I have some from my aunt..but it’s not really the stuff I am used to…and the utensils are hard to use :(.
  10. Bring decorations and photos from home. With the exception of the photobook and photo frame my sister brought me, I hardly brought any photos or decorative items to put in my room. I did bring some soft toys for my bed and yup that’s about it. I think having the reminders of home, makes me feel less homesick.

And that’s it. If I were to redo my move, that’s what I would change. There is probably going to be more that I come up with as I stay longer by myself. That reminded me, you should probably get

I have spent my first night alone in my apartment during this Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne. It’s not so bad so far…I have kept myself busy cleaning with my new hand-held vacuum cleaner…then I mopped with spray wet and dry mop…I also steam ironed some clothes with some sucess.. I have unpacked all of my clothes, so they are happier now.

I am tossing up whether or not I want to keep all the boxes of the applicances I have bought…just incase I need to return them or if I come up with some good idea of uses for them. I have already used one box as a makeshift bin next to my bed.

Tomorrow I have another order (much smaller this time) of some things I forgot to collect today. I have bought a clothes airer! A wall clock..some large containers (for sugar flour etc)…and some pegs…

All the stuff I am buying make me sound like such an adult right? haha..

P.S. today I did something dumb…I bought a can opener…but I don’t even have any cans that need to be opened by a can opener? They all come with handles to pull to open -.-”