Short Story Series: You Got Scammed – Prologue

Lilly had no more hope in being able to find the Mr. Right. She was 99.9% sure he didn’t exist anyways. Who would be able to put up with her temper, the emotional rollercoasters she went through before her period, and that Type A personality. She wanted to give up and just accept that she would be single for the rest of her life. I mean it can’t be thaaat bad right? She could just get a cat to keep her company and also a dog. She might as well just bring up a small farm as her family. Why not.

However, before giving up she was going to try ONE LAST time with the dating apps. Due to Covid restrictions she had been unable to go to her normal social activities…I have to upload a photo? Oh gosh she had no new photos for the last six months….there was nothing to do! We haven’t been able to travel or to explore the world as usual. Lilly randomly chose some random photos of her at work and uploaded a picture of her shoes. Whatevs.

She hated deciding on who to talk to from a photo.. Gosh…. you don’t want to judge someone on the first photo that pops up on their profile/..but at the same time you do not have time to read each profile carefully…and there is only so many lame pickup lines that you can put up with in one day…sigh. She was about to give up when she saw a name on the top. “Hiroshi”. What a nice name..I am pretty sure that is the name of the lead singer from the Japanese band, “My First Story”. Nothing stood out from his profile…he had a few photos…very little text. It said, one of them said “Find out that I am real, video call me!” and another that said he could speak four languages, and another said, “I love and am good at cooking and cleaning!”…you would find out later that all of this was fake. It was all too good to be true…

Author: howtoadultwithjoy

Becoming an adult doesn’t come naturally to everyone, no one teaches you how to be one at school, and this is what my blog aims to do. Through random rants, diaries, hallelujah moments and so forth, we journey onto this sacred journey called ‘Adulthood’. Let’s do it with Joy. *please note this website is NOT x-rated adult porn site! Sorry if you thought it was!

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