Badminton Tournament

Apologies for the 3 day delay in writing about the badminton tournament I participated in on Saturday. Just participated.. didn’t get any awards or prizes from any of the games.

I felt it was more organised than back in Adelaide.. There was approximate times that certain events would be starting, which saves most people from having to be there the whole day (which happens often in Adelaide). What’s also good is that you finish all your games in a day. So if you make it to semis or finals, it’s all done on the same day, whereas in Adelaide the finals are always on the Sunday. Often, when I get to the finals, I am so tired and achey from playing the whole entire day the day before… and I play really bad.

One event was $25, and any additional events were $20 on top… which is similar to what happens in Adelaide. You could enter a maximum of six events across the two days 😂😂.

I only entered one event, and that was mixed doubles D grade… it was my first time entering into D grade… because in Adelaide the lowest grade is C grade. HOWEVER, the lowest grade in Melbourne is actually E grade which apparently is strictly fo beginners.

In comparison to Adelaide, Melbourne is definitely more organised .. however, I did notice for the first few or of games , we had to umpire our own games and there were no umpire chairs to sit on either.. it’s only up to when you get into semis or finals do they move the nicer courts

Author: howtoadultwithjoy

Becoming an adult doesn’t come naturally to everyone, no one teaches you how to be one at school, and this is what my blog aims to do. Through random rants, diaries, hallelujah moments and so forth, we journey onto this sacred journey called ‘Adulthood’. Let’s do it with Joy. *please note this website is NOT x-rated adult porn site! Sorry if you thought it was!

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