“I want to Eat Your Pancreas” -Movie review

Yeah, me too. I thought this Japanese anime movie must have been about some zombie or some man eating cannibal story line, but funny enough it’s a sad love story. Well, parts of it was sad and parts of it was moving. In general, a good movie. It didn’t move me as much as other sad movies have done so in the past, but one message that the main character, Sakura, taught me is that the reason why we are alive and the reason why we can interact with others is the impact we make in their lives.

It’s so bizzare that during this covid pandemic, with all the social activities being cancelled and the constant lockdowns, this is where I became the shell of the person I was 4 years ago. It took so long for me to get out of my shell and get back to the life that I was used to.
Now I feel like I am starting all over again. But it’s so much harder being here alone

My sister just had her second baby and the only way I was able to meet the baby was through online video call. in a way, it’s great that technology has allowed us to come this far. I feel so close to my family, yet I am so so far way. 693 km away as per Uber eats when I tried to order something for my family. So close yet so far away.

The other way I have been spending my free time is emerging myself into Webtoons, and one particular one I started reading again was “Season of Blossom”…one of the characters featured in the webtoon dies from suicide and it is now unraveling the story of how he came to do what he did. Despite the fact there was someone he loved and someone he loved, he still made the choice in the end. Sometimes, you can’t save everyone. He was so popular, everyone liked him, yet no one truly knew who he was deep inside.

I feel like I really have procrastinated this weekend, I’ve been trying to take it easy on myself, but honestly I am just constantly running away from my problems and trying to hide from it all.