Being Environmentally friendly to your money

I was having this thought and discussion this week…about how being environmentally friendly can lead to you saving money in the long run.

It may seems costly at first to invest in environmentally friendly products, but in the long run it can save you money as-well as help save the planet.

For example, instead using disposable forks and knives at restaurants/takeaways, how about bringing your own travel utensils kit?

Then there’s reusable drink bottles that can be refilled time and time again. Everyone also knows about the metal straws, which are also resistant to heat.

Food wraps made from beewax are costly to buy at first but think of the money saved from using disposable clingwrap.

Having reusable calico or strong bags for shopping, so you don’t have to pay for a plastic or paper bag. They also tend to be stronger , more durable and versatile, and bonus some have cute patterns!

Solar panels! Expensive upfront costs, but over time they help power your house and also can earn you money when you produce more electricity than you can use, so it goes into the grid.

Water tanks!!! Most people have water tanks in their gardens (if they have one). It is great for watering plants, cleaning cars, or to be used for flushing toilets in the home. Save money on water! Why not?

Riding a bike for short distances. This equals exercise AND transportation, as well as being fun for some people.

This is all I can think of for now, but I think you get the picture, but being environmentally friendly, you can also satisfy that stingy, money saving person in you 🤣

The easing of Covid-19 Restrictions in Australia

Considerations needed before lifting the restrictions in Australia during the pandemic.

Now, more than ever, I think it is really tough to have the top job in Australia, because you have to make difficult decisions of whether you choose to open up the country again or to stay in lock down to prevent the spread of Covid 19. There are both good and bad points about lifting the restrictions in Australia and this post will examine this in greater detail.

Scott Morrison who is the current leader of Australia has made some pretty sensible decisions during this global pandemic in my humble opinion. One decision that I praise him for the plan created to lift the restrictions that have been implemented in the  last month or so. He has left it up to each state and territory to make their own decisions to which phase of the restrictions that they will lift and when. This is good news for Australia’s currently ailing economy because millions of workers have been out of jobs and many are currently only surviving on government handouts. However, the large amount of money that has been set aside for government handouts is not an endless supply and sooner or later, the government will run out of money to support those people. By lifting the restrictions, it means that people can go back to exercising in their gyms, partake in religious activites, and enjoy recreational activities like going to the cinema. I believe this will have a positive impact on mental health, which unfortunately has declined dramatically due to the social distancing restrictions leaving people socially isolated from their normal support networks or from losing their jobs. Sadly, the number of calls to police for domestic violence related incidents also have more than doubled in places like Melbourne, which has been in strict lock down for weeks.

In saying that, Australia has just started entering the cold, winter months, where the   threats of influenza and other illness will also be another issue to consider. By relaxing restrictions it can mean more clusters of Covid-19 are able to break out and there will not be the restrictions that have been in place to help stop it from happening. When rules are relaxed, people can become complacent again, and lead to a second spike in the number of new cases in Australia. There is the risk of many people dying from the disease, and this is especially the case for those vulnerable people, such as the elderly or those with chronic health conditions. Another issue to consider, is the risk that we will again run out of personal protective equipment that protects front line workers from contracting the Covid-19 virus and whether or not the health care system will be able to cope with the subsequent outbreaks.

The risks of benefits of lifting the restrictions put in place to stop Covid-19 is one that needs to be carefully considered and implemented. There is a need to restart the economy and to help get people back into the workforce as there is only a limited amount of time that the government will be able to support so many people. However, careful plans to ensure that a second outbreak  in Covid-19 cases doesn’t happen is also essential to have.

Adelaide Fringe Show

Last week was a tough week with all sorts of new rules, legislations, and bans happening in Australia… I have been studying for an exam for almost three months and was going to take this exam on the 21st of March…HOWEVER, Mr Corona Virus decided to stop that from happening… 😦 The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison announced all non-essential meetings of over 500 people would need to be postponed or cancelled. So far, we haven’t received any further information as to when the exam will be. He announced this on Friday the 13th of March that this would take place on the 16th of March.

Anyways…Leading up to the exam, I like to do nothing but the bare minimum of stuff I need to do… Work, Exercise, and STUDY in all my spare moments. So I had no time to check out the Adelaide Fringe Festival (Which usually starts the start of March and Finishes Mid March), which I try to go to at least one event each year. I didn’t think I would make it this year, because…you know prioritising studying for the exam. HOWEVER, we found out on Friday 13th that the exam was cancelled, so I tried asking my friends last minute if they wanted to go to the festival…However, most of them already had other plans or have already been to the shows that I wanted to go to. All good. I will go by myself…with this ban in place, who knows when the next community event will be? Everything is being cancelled or postponed, left, right, centre.

I went to an art exhibition experience called ‘1000 Doors’…which is basically many doors…I don’t think there was 1000…but there was a hella lot of doors. If you think about it, doors are pretty interesting concepts…they hide behind them the unexpected, the unknown, and the secret. In hindsight, given the current situation the world was in, it was probably a mistake for me not to have worn gloves while opening those 1000s of doors… LOL.. anyways.

Prior to entering, they allow a gap between the previous guests and for you. There was only one rule, remember to close the doors and yes we could take photos. I was told that everyone experienced a different wave of familiarity, fear, or sensation in each type of room…I was super hyped and intrigued.  It was a super interesting experience, especially since I went by myself… I went at my own pace…it felt like a maze…and indoor adventure almost. The first door I walked through led me to an alleyway that reminded me so much of an old (and creepy) hospital corridor! Nostalgic. The lighting of each area also suited the different environments that they were trying to portray. Some cosy doors reminded me of my grandparents home in which I used to visit almost every week as a child. Some doors led to small places like a closet or a chimney. Some rooms felt like they were abandoned and made to look like a home for street people. There is one room in which you can only see through a small hole in the wall, lets you see into a super creepy room bathed in red light. Possibly an interrogation room? In some of the rooms, I felt like I was going back into time …one had a super old working radio and one a piano…I have attached some photos in this slide show here, unfortunately, because of the low lighting in some of the rooms and my haste in trying to take photos when no one was in them, led to some photos being too blurry to post :(.

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This is the Dolls House a three-storey recreation of a dolls house created by the Visionary Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi in the middle of Rundle Mall in the city centre of Adelaide. There was a long queue to go into the house and I stood among many young families grandparents, and kids to enter the magical looking building. I am amazed that he was able to build the house so quickly! He has only built something similar only one other time, and that was in Paris in France. Entering the house I didn’t know what to expect! It felt so much like a real house…with some real furniture, real fridges, sinks…yet everything was just so pink and so cute! Everything else was painted on…it really blended the real and the fake and you do feel somewhat like a doll. If someone living in a house that cute and bright, how could you not smile? I guess one downfall is one side of the house is completely made of glass so everyone can see what you are doing. LOL.

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Overall, I enjoyed my small escape from study, work, or exercise. The Prime Minister made another announcement today that because of the Corona Virus meaning that we can’t have gatherings of more than 100 people now… That will really affect big birthday parties…weddings…funerals… However, he says Universities and Schools should still go ahead as usual. He believes it’s better for kids to go to school rather than stay home and be looked after by grandparents who are at more risk of complications if they get the disease. There is also rule that there can’t be any more than two visitors at a time to aged care facility residents…they are also banning any children under 16 years old from going, except for exceptional circumstances. From the 1st of May, only those who have had their Flu Shot will be able to go into aged care facilities. No one who has come back from overseas in the last 14 days is also allowed to go in… All sorts of social gathering and activities have been recommended to be cancelled. Sounds like a really depressing time to live in aged care right now… :(…

In other terms of changes, The Prime Minister has asked ALL Australians to come back to  Australia as soon as possible and recommends no one leave UNLESS they really have to. Anyone who comes back from overseas from ANY country in the last 14 days has to self-isolate themselves for 14 days…failure to do so can be persecuted. I am really lucky that I didn’t have to cancel my trip last month to NZ and also that I don’t have to self-isolate… but unfortunately, my sister and her family are in Japan at the moment and they will be self-isolating for 14 days when they return to Adelaide this Saturday…

What a time to live in. :O

Stay Safe and wash your hands everyone!!

ONE OK ROCK: Eye of The STORM Australian Tour

As not promised, I am posting about the ONE OK ROCK concert in which I attended yesterday night. I haven’t recovered from my ‘high’ yet… The adrenaline drop from all the shouting, moving, singing, phone recording and straining to see (short people problems)…I felt the only way I can stop thinking about the concert as much is to write about it here… Feel free to skip this lengthy fangirl account if it is not your thing ..I won’t be offended…xD

I’ve been a ONE OK ROCK fan for the longest time…probably a little over 10 years. The most memorable song that I heard from them was, ‘The Beginning’ and that song still holds a special place in my heart. During my short stint as a keyboardist for a Jrock cover band (which you can hear about in my podcast..(which I might have to update soon XD), ‘The Beginning’ was one of the songs we covered and my favourite. Unfortunately, when I was in Japan for exchange during uni, they were away touring America so I missed out seeing them in Japan! I hope I will be able to attend one of their concerts in Japan! They look epic. Sorry, I jumped the gun… I forgot to say who ONE OK ROCK is…they are a four-piece Japanese rock band the lead singer, Taka- sings in both Japanese and English. They are currently on a world tour promoting their new album -Eye of the Storm. I believe they are one of the most well-known Japanese rock bands in Japan. I hope that was enough background information for you guys (probably the majority?) who don’t know this band.

I bought my tickets last year in December after I saw an ad for it on Facebook…I was super shocked, grateful, and excited to see that ONE OK ROCK had added Adelaide to one of the places in which they were touring this time round! Last time they came to Australia (Which I found out about too late), they were only in the other major cities..Sydney, Melbourne..Brisbane. I just HAD to get tickets..and also…I wanted to aim for VIP tickets…MEET AND GREET? YES PLSSSS...I put it in my diary to make sure I made myself available to buy the tickets as soon as they came out…a friend also showed me how we can sign up for pre-sale tickets..super glad I did that! I managed to get one of the much-coveted VIP tickets for ONE OK ROCK.

Fast forward a few months and the concert day was here! Unfortunately, I got told two days before the concert that we needed to get there strictly at 5pm (normal admission is at 7pm) in order to have the VIP experience… I hadn’t taken a day off work or anything so I had to ask last-minute ask if I could leave earlier from work…Anyways…by the time I finally got there…there was already a massive line!!  I bumped into a friend and asked if they had VIP tickets as well, they said they had General Tickets but we’re lining up early #dedicated. After some asking around another VIP ticket holder and I was placed in the right area for getting the VIP experience. After much waiting…ticket checking…ID showing and marking off. We were let inside and we all received a wrist band saying ‘ONE OK ROCK’ and a ‘VIP ONE OK ROCK Lanyard’. It was here that I also had to give my gift to the organisers…we were not allowed to give it directly to the band…which makes me wonder if they actually receive the gift at all??? It was anything super expensive, I just got them some South Australia/Australian snacks… and wrote a love letter… LOL..

Anyways…then it was back to more lining up for the photo we get with the band. It was freezing outside! I didn’t bring a jacket…because I know from previous experience when people are in a gets quite hot and I am too lazy to carry it around…In hindsight I should have bought like a thin cardigan of some sort… -.-” …about an hour later…The organiser said to get our phones ready and that we were going to go in and have one photo with the band. No autographs, no gift-giving (we had to give our gifts to the organisers)…and yeah it was one photo then go…Apparently, we aren’t allowed to take photos of other people getting their photos either…it was only the organisers that were allowed to take the photos.

I talked to the girls behind me as we waited nervously for our turn to get our photos taken. We observed what poses and things that other people did. All the girls gave all the band members hugs…the guys did some handshakes… I decided I was so going to give them hugs too ..XD…but I did not plan what I was going to say to them…and suddenly it was my turn already….! All that came to my mind was “Thank you so much for coming to Adelaide’ in which Taka (the lead singer) replied, “No, Thank YOU for letting us come here”… OMG so sincere and like totally fangirled…they are super humble and nice people… I gave them each a hug…my favourite hug was with Taka of course..HAHAH…and then I smiled awkwardly and got my photo with and then it was off to wait for the concert to start at 7:30.

There were two other bands that played before ONE OK ROCK, they were good…but I was there for one reason only..LOL…ONE OK ROCK was scheduled for 9:30…so it was a bit of wait…but anticipation was building and building…and I was not disappointed. The musicians came on the stage *I THINK* (because I am too short to see) one by one and started playing…TAKA came out last and there was a huge cheering and yelling as he came out. I swear he has the demeanour of royalty…He was the star of the show (in my eyes)…! I could see the passion in his eyes…in his voice and his energy was infectious. All the members were sweating like crazy… My highlight of the night was when they started playing ‘The Beginning’, the first song that got me into the band. Everyone went crazy and I legit recorded the WHOLE song on video because. I had to.

At the unfortunate end of the show…they went off stage without a word. I think that was our cue to shout ENCORE. And of course, we did not disappoint.  We started with “ENCORE ENCORE”..then changed it to “ONE MORE SONG”… and after what seemed like the longest time… (I think they needed some time to retune the guitars, fix the drums, etc..sound check everything-before their ‘Encore’ which is planned LOL )…they came back on stage…and woohoo I forgot the last song..but it was good. Then Taka brought out a flag and said THANKYOU to us. He also then took out his phone and took a sweeping video of the audience in which he posted to his Instagram account. The drummer chucked his drumsticks out into the audience…a damn lucky guy near me caught one of them…we all had a look…the drum stick had ONE OK ROCK labelled on the bottom..but yeah they looked destroyed…! After one set…! They smashed the drum so hard… dedicated. The guitarists and bassists threw their picks into the crowd (I didn’t get anything T_T #short people problems) ..and Taka threw his towel and water bottle into the crowd…and that was the conclusion of an epic night. A memorable and wonderful night…it was about 11pm at that time…

I could be here forever typing out every detail..but I need to go back to work tmoro…LOL I took a day off today to recover my voice…hearing…and energy…but yeah I spent most of the day reliving the memories..searching for photos /videos on FB from other people…and listening to ONE OK ROCK…on replay…LOL

EYE OF THE STORM- If you have a chance to go…I highly recommend you attend..! This band is actually one of the few bands that sounds better LIVE than on their recordings in my opinion…even though their recordings are AWESOME good.

I had a few friends who bought their merchandise…which I personally think is a bit expensive…but it does support the band..I supported the band in a different way…but paying double amount for my ticket. In comparison to a jumper, I might buy and never wear after the night…I rather have the memory of having met the ‘KINGS’ live and have my photo to prove it. If you know me in real life, you would have seen my display pictures for my social accounts change to my photo with them. HAHAHA … ><

I hope they come again.. I will be waiting for you..!

Thank you for reading this far (if you did)…next post will be the next part of NZ mini blog series….

Photos I took at the concert:


Novel Coronavirus in Australia

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of the Novel Coronavirus that has recently broken out in Wuhan, China. News spread throughout the world and now everyone is scared that they will be the next to get the virus. There are over 12,000 people and has killed over 250 people world wide….

Currently, there are about 14 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus in the whole of Australia, with two confirmed cases in South Australia. Yet, despite the low number of people with the virus, everyone is worried. Facemasks are all sold out…hand sanitisers are also on the way out. I just heard on the news today that Australia has banned all Chinese National Tourists from coming here and also any foreigners that have recently travelled to China..Unless they are a Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen, they won’t be able to come here. Australia is not the only country to ban Chinese tourists into their country…

I can’t even imagine the repercussions that this virus has had on the tourism industry… Australian Universities rely on income from International Students, especially from China. To have this ban come into place…means a massive source of income that is gone…

On a more personal level, my parents have asked for a refund for their tickets that they bought last year… The status of China is “Do not travel”… Airports are now filled with thermometers and facemasks for everybody. My university has sent an email to all staff and students not to travel to China…There was one pharmacy in the middle of the city that has temporarily closed its doors for fear of the virus….

I work in a hospital and luckily we have not had any cases come to us yet…however, we are getting daily email updates about the virus and where it has gone to…It’s scary, yet I also feel like it is overhyped. It’s normal to fear what we don’t know know..the fear of the unknown… We don’t know how to cure this virus..we have no vaccine… It’s difficult to know how to detect it.

This is the era of the coronavirus…there are so many jokes about it..but is it as bad as it seems? Or are we just afraid of the unknown?