A different type of Easter

Today it was a superrrr busy day. I am not sure if I was in a state of “flow” but time went by faster than I expected. The pharmacy in my hospital will be closed for the 4 days over Easter, with the exception of one pharmacist going into work from 9-12pm, on Saturday. All wards were encouraged to order their anti-psychotic depots in advance and also to stock up on their drugs of dependence… There was a surge of people leaving to go home and many going on trial leaves..It was intense day of just things coming in and out and things that were urgent. I just pray to God I didn’t make any critical errors…I started the day with a headache and finished late with a headache. It was so busy I only checked my email once and that was to send out a weekly email about reminders to get bloods taken for Clozapine (A drug that requires regular bloods test monitoring). Luckily, nothing was urgent to be done…

Easter for me will be a time where I work hard on my assignment due after Easter and working my second job..LOL..nothing else really to sadly…might do some exercise…and grocery shopping on the Saturday? Guitar…facetime?

I have had like at least 3 different emails and reminders that I shouldn’t/can’t go anywhere this Easter…Geez all the borders are closed and there are police literally at all the borders making sure people have permits for travel. Most non-essential shops and many restaurants are closed…what will you even do.

I am pleased to say that the curve of the number of new Covid-cases has rapidly dropped in the last few days in South Australia. Apparently today we only had one new case, unfortunately the number of patients that are needing to be moved into the ICU has risen…

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter, even though we are told to stay at home, this is for the best for everyone now. Let’s hope the virus fizzles out soon and we can go back to our normal lives! That would be awesome.. 🙂


white flowers
Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com