ONE OK ROCK: Eye of The STORM Australian Tour

As not promised, I am posting about the ONE OK ROCK concert in which I attended yesterday night. I haven’t recovered from my ‘high’ yet… The adrenaline drop from all the shouting, moving, singing, phone recording and straining to see (short people problems)…I felt the only way I can stop thinking about the concert as much is to write about it here… Feel free to skip this lengthy fangirl account if it is not your thing ..I won’t be offended…xD

I’ve been a ONE OK ROCK fan for the longest time…probably a little over 10 years. The most memorable song that I heard from them was, ‘The Beginning’ and that song still holds a special place in my heart. During my short stint as a keyboardist for a Jrock cover band (which you can hear about in my podcast..(which I might have to update soon XD), ‘The Beginning’ was one of the songs we covered and my favourite. Unfortunately, when I was in Japan for exchange during uni, they were away touring America so I missed out seeing them in Japan! I hope I will be able to attend one of their concerts in Japan! They look epic. Sorry, I jumped the gun… I forgot to say who ONE OK ROCK is…they are a four-piece Japanese rock band the lead singer, Taka- sings in both Japanese and English. They are currently on a world tour promoting their new album -Eye of the Storm. I believe they are one of the most well-known Japanese rock bands in Japan. I hope that was enough background information for you guys (probably the majority?) who don’t know this band.

I bought my tickets last year in December after I saw an ad for it on Facebook…I was super shocked, grateful, and excited to see that ONE OK ROCK had added Adelaide to one of the places in which they were touring this time round! Last time they came to Australia (Which I found out about too late), they were only in the other major cities..Sydney, Melbourne..Brisbane. I just HAD to get tickets..and also…I wanted to aim for VIP tickets…MEET AND GREET? YES PLSSSS...I put it in my diary to make sure I made myself available to buy the tickets as soon as they came out…a friend also showed me how we can sign up for pre-sale tickets..super glad I did that! I managed to get one of the much-coveted VIP tickets for ONE OK ROCK.

Fast forward a few months and the concert day was here! Unfortunately, I got told two days before the concert that we needed to get there strictly at 5pm (normal admission is at 7pm) in order to have the VIP experience… I hadn’t taken a day off work or anything so I had to ask last-minute ask if I could leave earlier from work…Anyways…by the time I finally got there…there was already a massive line!!  I bumped into a friend and asked if they had VIP tickets as well, they said they had General Tickets but we’re lining up early #dedicated. After some asking around another VIP ticket holder and I was placed in the right area for getting the VIP experience. After much waiting…ticket checking…ID showing and marking off. We were let inside and we all received a wrist band saying ‘ONE OK ROCK’ and a ‘VIP ONE OK ROCK Lanyard’. It was here that I also had to give my gift to the organisers…we were not allowed to give it directly to the band…which makes me wonder if they actually receive the gift at all??? It was anything super expensive, I just got them some South Australia/Australian snacks… and wrote a love letter… LOL..

Anyways…then it was back to more lining up for the photo we get with the band. It was freezing outside! I didn’t bring a jacket…because I know from previous experience when people are in a gets quite hot and I am too lazy to carry it around…In hindsight I should have bought like a thin cardigan of some sort… -.-” …about an hour later…The organiser said to get our phones ready and that we were going to go in and have one photo with the band. No autographs, no gift-giving (we had to give our gifts to the organisers)…and yeah it was one photo then go…Apparently, we aren’t allowed to take photos of other people getting their photos either…it was only the organisers that were allowed to take the photos.

I talked to the girls behind me as we waited nervously for our turn to get our photos taken. We observed what poses and things that other people did. All the girls gave all the band members hugs…the guys did some handshakes… I decided I was so going to give them hugs too ..XD…but I did not plan what I was going to say to them…and suddenly it was my turn already….! All that came to my mind was “Thank you so much for coming to Adelaide’ in which Taka (the lead singer) replied, “No, Thank YOU for letting us come here”… OMG so sincere and like totally fangirled…they are super humble and nice people… I gave them each a hug…my favourite hug was with Taka of course..HAHAH…and then I smiled awkwardly and got my photo with and then it was off to wait for the concert to start at 7:30.

There were two other bands that played before ONE OK ROCK, they were good…but I was there for one reason only..LOL…ONE OK ROCK was scheduled for 9:30…so it was a bit of wait…but anticipation was building and building…and I was not disappointed. The musicians came on the stage *I THINK* (because I am too short to see) one by one and started playing…TAKA came out last and there was a huge cheering and yelling as he came out. I swear he has the demeanour of royalty…He was the star of the show (in my eyes)…! I could see the passion in his eyes…in his voice and his energy was infectious. All the members were sweating like crazy… My highlight of the night was when they started playing ‘The Beginning’, the first song that got me into the band. Everyone went crazy and I legit recorded the WHOLE song on video because. I had to.

At the unfortunate end of the show…they went off stage without a word. I think that was our cue to shout ENCORE. And of course, we did not disappoint.  We started with “ENCORE ENCORE”..then changed it to “ONE MORE SONG”… and after what seemed like the longest time… (I think they needed some time to retune the guitars, fix the drums, etc..sound check everything-before their ‘Encore’ which is planned LOL )…they came back on stage…and woohoo I forgot the last song..but it was good. Then Taka brought out a flag and said THANKYOU to us. He also then took out his phone and took a sweeping video of the audience in which he posted to his Instagram account. The drummer chucked his drumsticks out into the audience…a damn lucky guy near me caught one of them…we all had a look…the drum stick had ONE OK ROCK labelled on the bottom..but yeah they looked destroyed…! After one set…! They smashed the drum so hard… dedicated. The guitarists and bassists threw their picks into the crowd (I didn’t get anything T_T #short people problems) ..and Taka threw his towel and water bottle into the crowd…and that was the conclusion of an epic night. A memorable and wonderful night…it was about 11pm at that time…

I could be here forever typing out every detail..but I need to go back to work tmoro…LOL I took a day off today to recover my voice…hearing…and energy…but yeah I spent most of the day reliving the memories..searching for photos /videos on FB from other people…and listening to ONE OK ROCK…on replay…LOL

EYE OF THE STORM- If you have a chance to go…I highly recommend you attend..! This band is actually one of the few bands that sounds better LIVE than on their recordings in my opinion…even though their recordings are AWESOME good.

I had a few friends who bought their merchandise…which I personally think is a bit expensive…but it does support the band..I supported the band in a different way…but paying double amount for my ticket. In comparison to a jumper, I might buy and never wear after the night…I rather have the memory of having met the ‘KINGS’ live and have my photo to prove it. If you know me in real life, you would have seen my display pictures for my social accounts change to my photo with them. HAHAHA … ><

I hope they come again.. I will be waiting for you..!

Thank you for reading this far (if you did)…next post will be the next part of NZ mini blog series….

Photos I took at the concert:



I woke up today and I was working on writing a job application for a senior pharmacist position…and as I was thinking of all the different pharmacies I have worked and all the different roles I have had…and realised I am an experienced pharmacist…even though I don’t think I am… I have achieved much and experienced much… I don’t know everything, but I know something.

Applying for jobs is about selling yourself, your knowledge, and your experiences. Some talent in writing is needed here…you want to make it seem like you have done more and learnt more than you probably have…if you undersell yourself, you won’t even get a chance to progress from paper to in-person interview. ┬áThat reminds me, I have another interview this coming week… It is part of the same company I am currently in..but a different branch…further away from my house… but hey, stability in finances comes with a cost. I love my job now, but having short contracts constantly and not knowing if I have a job next year is scary…and I need to do my best to grab whatever opportunities there are… Otherwise, I won’t be able to save up for my house :(.

I feel really lucky now…Even though at times it’s frustrating…scary… tiring.. and exhausting. I think there will come a time where I will look back, and say I can’t believe I made it that far…by working so hard! You reap what you sow and if you worked hard…your efforts will pay off.

Going to a house inspection later today…I finally have a day off! So I might as well use my time wisely.

In other news, yesterday I heard from a colleague that another colleague had suddenly passed away..No one knows why. They were young. Lot’s of potential and a funny person. They will surely be missed. But it reminded me greatly about the uncertainty of life and the experiences we have interacting with each other…If you treat someone badly, and then they pass away, there is no opportunity to say sorry or to forgive them.

So think again, do you want to live a life of regret? Treat people the best that you can.

I honestly rather that people treat me bad, then I treat someone bad.